Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Home Caregiver

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Many adult children are tasked with the responsibility of caring for their elder parent. Many of the decisions that the parent once made for the child is now made for the parent. The child may need to choose their senior parent?s medical providers, living conditions, and even food choices. As adults age, they become more dependent on others. They may require additional health care or assistance around the home. This is the main purpose of nursing homes. However, many adults do not want to leave the comfort of their own home. They simply require a little extra assistance inside of their home. How can an adult child ensure that they are choosing the best home care for their elderly parent?

Do your research. There are multiple large named senior in home care businesses. There are also numerous smaller or privately owned ones, as well. With so many options, the choice of caregiver can be very overwhelming. Compiling a list of potential home health care options is a great starting point. If gives you something to go off of as you continue to do your necessary research. Research often includes learning about the businesses insurance coverages, skills and accreditations, and types of services offered.

Does your senior parent require any specialized care? Specialized care or specific medical conditions often require someone who is familiar and knowledgeable of that specific condition. For example, someone who is suffering with Alzheimer?s would benefit from caregivers who are familiar with the specialized care of the Alzheimer?s disease. Alzheimer?s is one of the most suffered medical conditions in elderly seniors. More than three fourths of assisted living residents have had at least 2 of the 10 most common chronic conditions, high blood pressure and Alzheimer?s disease and other dementias were the most prevalent.

Choose a caregiver that you fully trust. The caregiver that you trust should be very trustworthy. Both you and your elderly parent should be comfortable and trust the caregiver. This person will be in your home, around all of your personal belongings. They will also be responsible for the medical and safety care of your elderly parent. Not trusting someone during an interview is a great reason to not hire and bring them into your home.

Comfort might also include choosing a caregiver based on gender. There are more home health care patients that are women than men. Many women prefer to have a woman caregiver to assist them with things like showering and toileting. Female home health care patients aged 65 years and over were more likely than male patients to be 85 years and over and were almost three times as likely to be widowed. Also, in the United States, the rate of home health care use for women aged 65 and over was 55% higher than the rate for men.

Choose a home health care company that fits your needs. These may be needs for time or for pricing. Every family is different. Every elderly adult is different. What one adult finds difficult to do, another may do with no trouble. It is important to find a home health care company that has the ability to cater to you and your parent?s needs. This might include brain enhancing activities for Alzheimer?s patients or it might include physical therapy services for someone rehabbing from a recent surgery.

Be very open with your caregiver. Once you do select your ideal caregiver, it is important to be as open as possible with them. Let them know and understand your expectations for the care of your elderly parent. Miscommunication can prevent the caregiving situation from working. Also, caregivers tend to provide better services when they know what to expect.

Senior care is a common need in our country. As adults get older, they require additional care and assistance with everyday activities. They may also require specialized care for specific medical conditions. Hiring an in home health care company allows the elderly parent to receive the required assistance, while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

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