What are the Services Offered by the Advanced Urgent Care

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Advanced Urgent Care is a health facility that provides various medical care services. Its popularity is from the quality of health care they offer, and also the broad range of medical care they provide. From minor surgeries, flu, toothache to more complex conditions such as fever and abdominal pains, Advanced Urgent Care Centres are ready to attend to your health concern. This facility is equipped with a state of art laboratory, CT scanners, and ultrasound machines for a quick medical examination and treatment.

Urgent Care facilities are backed by experienced doctors and physicians who quickly examine and administer treatment on various health problems. They open at 8 AM to 8PM daily.

Some of the common ailments the treat, include:

If ever you are certainly sure you have the flu from a series of symptoms such as a headache, ache all over, cough and a high fever, visit Advanced Urgent Care for a quick examination. They’ll conduct a chest X-ray while evaluate your oxygen levels and breathing patterns. Other than that, their medical specialists might have to give you fluids and medications if at all your case doesn’t call for hospitalization

2.Abdominal Pain
After a long day at work, your are probably tired but you feel nauseated and weak, don’t ignore. Even if you try to carry on with your work, you still feel sick to the stomach. Chances are, you might be suffering dehydration due to heat, or else, it could be as serious as a heart attack. You certainly need a medical urgent care. At the Advanced Urgent Care, health practitioners will conduct an EKG and further blood tests if your case is still a concern.

3.Digital Diagnostics
A timely diagnostic is possible at this facility, with the high-technological medical equipment, prompt test results are guaranteed. Some examples of this advanced equipment include CT Scan, ultrasound, and digital x-ray. This latest digital technology is accompanied by many advantages compared to the traditional medical equipment, such advantage includes timely diagnostics, reliable, and a quick radiologist review.

4.On-site Laboratory
State of art laboratory offers tests with swift results. From blood counts, strep throat, urinalysis to heart disease and pregnancy tests, you’ll be sure to have credible and prompt results.

5.Stocked Mini-pharmacy
At the Advanced Urgent Care, you’ll get an all-around medical assistance with an onsite medical pharmacy. This reduces the trips you’d have taken to an outside pharmacy. In case you want a catalog or list of medications this facility stock, it can be arranged for you.

6.Pain Management Policy
This is a kind of service you won’t find just anywhere, but at Advanced Urgent Care, patients can now enjoy services of acute painful management. However, they do not offer any chronic pain management, but in special cases, they can prescribe alternatives to controlled substances.

Those are just but a few medical help you’d get at Advanced Urgent Care Centers. So, whenever you’re having some health concerns, you know where to get help. And not just help, this is quality premium care.

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