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Statistically when it comes to looking for information on health, 59 percent of Americans go online for information. This is not surprising considering that information about health and medical issues, from terms to treatments can easily be found online. For example, within seconds one can find that strains are defined as the tearing or stretching of tendons, the ones that connect the muscles to the bone, and tearing or stretching of muscles. At the same time there are websites that offer interesting, as well as relevant information. For example, with a simple online search you will know that a third of American adults do not have more than seven hours of sleep at night. This is also the reason why seeking help and treatment from online doctor is becoming more popular. So what is an online doctor? Well, if you are not familiar with online doctor, here are three facts that you may find enlightening and useful.

First, online doctor, also known as online physician or virtual doctor, is a real medical doctor who offers online doctor consultation and online diagnosis and prescription. The term online doctor was first used in the 2000s when a group of doctors started the practice of providing consultation, diagnosis and even treatment and prescription to patients online. Over the years and with the advances in internet technology, more and more people have come to use online doctors. This led to more doctors providing similar services. This also led to improved quality of care provided by online doctors. This is discussed below as the second fact that you should know about online doctors.

Second, according to the study e doctors may be as effective as seen a doctor in person. This study was in fact published by the JAMA Internal Medicine. This is not surprising because there is really not much difference between online consultation than when patients call their physicians or doctors for medical advice. A doctor who provides consultation via phone or via internet can make proper diagnosis when he knows the patient well and if the medical condition is fairly common, such as colds and cough. Moreover a doctor knows when he should advise the patient to come to the office for further testing or diagnosis. This both applies to phone conversation as well as online conversation. Online consultation is therefore very effective.

Third, compared with the traditional health care solutions, such as going to emergency rooms or walk in clinics, medical diagnosis websites offer faster and less expensive solutions. With the increasing cost of medical care today, online consultation, diagnosis and treatment and online doctor prescription is the best way for an individual, as well as the public, to afford medical care. And in the coming years as more patients will have access to medical care, this is probably the best solution to meet the demands in a more cost effective manner. Helpful sites: www.memd.me

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