5+ Reasons Why You Should Get Out and Go Walking

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Many local doctors have reported that one of the main reasons that people suffer from conditions that require physical therapy is because of lack of exercise. Medical clinics and walk in urgent cares around the nation are filled with people that have knee pain and joint difficulties because of the lack of activity throughout their lives. Even just going for regular walks can do wonders for a person. Let’s look over the benefits of walking.

Weight Maintenance
Fitting in regular walks throughout the day can result is great benefits for you body. A brisk pace that increases your heart rate for an hour a day can help you to maintain a healthy body weight which will equate out to more energy and a higher qualify of life all the way around. Not only will you be able to maintain your weight but you could potentially lose weight by walking when coupled with a good nutrition plan. Walking burns calories which leads to losing pounds.

Prevent Various Conditions
If you are at risk for certain illnesses, believe it or not, a simple walk can decrease your risk of them. Heart disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, as well as other conditions are all more preventable by some sort of light daily activity. Arthritis can also be alleviated this way because it increases your range of motion and shifts the weight and pressure from your joints to your muscles, which are what are supposed to handle your weight.

Stronger Body
Being out and about can also strength your muscles and bones so that you have less chance of pain and joint aches later on. Your legs and abdominal muscles will be particularly strengthened by walking but your arms can also become toned if you pump them while you go such as power walkers do. This also means strength of mind. Being out in nature gives you a sense of clarity and peacefulness that will help you concentrate and focus in other areas of your life.

Better Sleep
There was a study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle which found out that women, ages 50 to 75, who would walk for at least an hour a day had better luck in relieving insomnia that those who did not get out like that. If you have trouble sleeping, walking is a great way to stretch out your muscles which helps sleep.

Easier Pregnancy
While walking may get uncomfortable as the lady gets heavier, it is still important to her to keep up with it. Walking can alleviate pelvic pain, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and other pregnancy symptoms. However, once the walk is complete, a pregnant lady should make sure to put her feet up for a time and drink lots of water in order to reduce swelling and water retention the feet and ankles.

Walking is a great way to exercise, not only because of the above benefits, of which there are more, but for other reasons to. It’s free, for one. You don’t have to pay a gym membership or a fee in order to stroll around the park. It doesn’t require a work out buddy, although it would be a lot more enjoyable with a partner. If you really get serious about walking you could download apps that will help you work out in interval training sessions and other types. Even if you have joint pain now, there are shoes that you can buy in order to relieve pressure and help you have a more enjoyable time. Whether you need toed shoes or tennis shoes with special arches built in, you can literally find whatever you need to help you. On top of all these benefits, a half hour of walking per day causes circulation to be improved by up to 40 percent which helps out in a number of areas in our bodies from pain to disease to blood pressure. There really is no reason why a person could not step outside a go for a walk every day. It doesn’t take away from your day at all and will drastically improve your life in ways you didn’t even realize such a simple change could do.

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