8 Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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As we age, things change in our bodies, naturally. We can become depleted in certain nutrients, hormones and other areas. It can be worrying and we begin to wonder things like ‘what are the symptoms of low testosterone?’ If are feeling lack of energy or lack of focus, then chances are, your testosterone may be a little low. But, there could also be other contributing factors as well. If your Google searches have gone from ‘who sings such and such a song?’ to ‘what are the symptoms of low testosterone?’ then hopefully this article will help you narrow down some of those signs. Keep in mind however, that if you are experiencing only one or two of the following symptoms, your issue may be connected to something else.

So, What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

  1. Low or No Libido
    Testosterone plays a huge role in the sex drive of men and women alike. If men are experiencing low testosterone, they may see a drastic drop in their sexual desires. This isn’t only true for men. If women’s testosterone dips, they will be always have a decreased libido as well as other hormonal changes. This will also contribute to a man’s difficulty of achieving an erection. Testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain and if the levels are too low, he may experience an erectile dysfunction.

  2. Low Volume of Semen
    The more testosterone a man has in his body, the more semen he is going to produce. Low levels mean low semen. It will be a noticeable decrease in the amount of semen produced during ejaculation.

  3. Loss of Hair
    Testosterone contributes to more than just the sexual areas of a person. It also aids hair growth. Many men go bald as they get older but the loss of body hair or facial hair may indicate a decrease in testosterone.

  4. Lack of Focus and Energy
    Feeling fatigued or lethargic could be symptoms of low testosterone. To test this, make sure that you are getting a good night’s sleep. If you still find it hard to stay motivation or concentrate then you may want to have your levels checked, especially if you are experiencing any of these other symptoms.

  5. Losing Muscle Mass
    Testosterone plays a big part in building muscle so if a man notices that despite his weight training and work out regimes, he is still losing muscle mass or is finding hard to keep building, this may indicate low testosterone as well.

  6. More Body Fat
    Gaining body fat through no particular fault of their own is another sign. If a man has not changed his eating habits or work out schedule and is noticing himself gaining weight he may suffer from low testosterone.

  7. Deduction in Bone Mass
    Osteoporosis is thought to be linked to low testosterone in men. This is because the testosterone usually helps produce and strengthen bones but if you are finding yourself more prone to fractures and bone issues, this could be a symptom.

  8. Mood Swings
    No man likes to admit that he has emotional mood swings but a decrease in testosterone can do just that. Women often go through this during menopause and the process is similar for men. Testosterone can influence hormones and mental ability and capacity so a lack will make men more irritable and possibly depressed.

Like it was mentioned earlier, just because you are going through one or even several of these symptoms does not automatically mean that you are experiencing a lack of testosterone. The best thing to do is to wait until you can talk to your doctor and have your doctor run some blood tests to find out what the issues are. At that point they can suggest treatment if it is necessary. Hopefully this will have answered your question of ‘what are the symptoms of low testosterone?’ without making your paranoid or irrational regarding the answers.

Even if this is what you are going through, there are supplements and therapy available to you in order to increase your testosterone and do away with most of these symptom. However, it is highly recommended to do nothing until you get the okay from your doctor. Do not try over the counter hormones as they can be very damaging and harmful to your body. Let your doctor prescribe what you need.

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