Better Exercise and Diets to Trim Down

The human body is designed for daily exercise. This is a holdover from the days of our primitive ancestors, who gave up their tree-dwelling, vegetarian lifestyle to walk on two legs and hunt game animals across the plains of Africa. This led to the consumption of meat, which in turn powered the growth of the human brain. Today, no one is actually running to hunt their dinner, but the human body and brain “remember” this lifestyle and still expect it. The human body and mind have many ways to reward healthy behavior and punish unhealthy behavior, and that certainly includes exercise. People need to move, so wild game hunting has been replaced today with sports, martial arts, weight training, and more. Many Americans today get fit with exercise equipment of all kinds, and fitness stores in a person’s area may be the ticket to a fine workout. Gym equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used for all sorts of workouts, and anyone, young and old, may visit these fitness stores and see what works for them.

Diet and Obesity

The bad news is that many Americans today, even adolescents, are overweight or even obese. Why might this be? A general lack of exercise is partly to blame, and many Americans live a sedentary lifestyle. The American Heart Association has some some general guidelines for kids’ and adults’ exercise needs, and they are not especially demanding; just half an hour of exercise three times a week. But many Americans fall short of even that. Instead, they often indulge in sedentary lifestyles, and kids and teenagers spend hours using electronic screens per day, even on school days. Adults are working sedentary desk jobs and sit around some more at home. They might not even pass a fitness store on the way home from work.

Poor diets are also fueling this trend of obesity. Many Americans eat a lot of processed foods from grocery stores or fast food, and these foods typically contain a lot of added sugars and fats to make them taste better. This is nothing more than a marketing ploy, and it comes at the cost of people’s health. Added sugars and fats add body fat in a hurry, and what’s more, many organic and wholesome food are in fact more expensive to buy, not less. This makes fast foods and processed foods more appealing in the short term, but the health impact will soon be clear. The good news is that all of these problems can be reverse if someone takes the initiative.

Changing Diets and Exercise

Fast food and sedentary lifestyles are common, but they are hardly the only option. At any time, a person may quit eating fast food and put down their handheld game device and embrace a more active lifestyle. No one actually has to eat fast food burgers, after all.

To begin, a person may consult their doctor and a nutritionist to explain their weight loss goals, and make sure that their new diet and exercise regiment will be healthy and effective. Complications such as diabetes, heart trouble, back pain, or having had recent surgery may be taken into account, among other factors. Once a person has medical clearance and advice, they may change their diet. This means phasing out fast foods and processed foods, and replacing them with organic and whole foods that represent the entire food pyramid. Whole wheat grains, protein such as eggs and fish and beans, many fruits and vegetables, and dairy such as milk and cheese may combine to form this new diet. This will boost nutrition, eliminate bad fats and sugars and lower the overall caloric intake, and even taste great. Healthy meals don’t have to be bland; in fact, they can open up many new recipe and flavor ideas, making them highly appealing.

Fitness stores can help. A person can find anything they need for home exercise at their local fitness store, ranging from medicine balls to dumbbells to jump ropes to sports balls. These centers may also have lightweight, breathable workout clothes to offer, even including shoes and sweat bands. All of this can make cardio, weight training, and muscle development possible at the home.

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