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Walk-in medical care clinic

The Urgent Care Association reports that there are approximately three million individuals that visit urgent care centers on a weekly basis to receive evaluations and treatments. Walk-in medical clinics can address a variety of conditions and issues, including preventative care. Most, or 85%, of these facilities are open every day of the week, and for additional extended hours in some instances.

When individuals need urgent care treatment for a fracture or sprain, most urgent care centers are able to handle these and other types of injuries. Recent information indicates that four out of five of these facilities are able to provide fracture care. Given that 25,000 Americans sprain their ankle every day, this type of injury can also be treated. Since sports injuries are common, it’s important to note that urgent care facilities are able to handle many of these injuries and can provide sports physicals and other types of wellness visits.

Even though there are recognized cold and flu seasons, people can come down with these common illnesses throughout the year. On an annual basis, for example, individuals within the United States suffer with around one billion colds. An average of five percent to 20% of people within the country will also come down with the flu every year. Rather than suffer with these and related illnesses, an urgent care physician can evaluate their condition and provide treatment accordingly. When antibiotics and/or other types of medications are required, an urgent care physician will be able to prescribe these.

Patients don’t need to wait for long periods of time to see a physician or physician’s assistant when they walk into an urgent care center. Unless there are other patients waiting with more serious conditions, it usually only takes 15 minutes to meet with a physician or their assistant.

Urgent care centers are a welcome alternative to visiting the emergency room. Since appointments don’t need to be made ahead of time, this is an added convenience. When time allows, some of these facilities may accept advanced online appointments. If someone’s regular physician isn’t available, or in the event that they don’t have a primary care physician, individuals and their families are able to receive the quality treatment that they need at urgent care centers.


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