One In Four Deaths Are Caused By Heart Problems Here’s What You Can Do

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Mild to severe heart problems are some of the most common issues facing modern Americans today. Whether it’s an increased risk of heart attack in young adults due to smoking or an onset of heart failure brought on by age, maintaining your heart health through positive everyday habits is absolutely essential to living the healthiest life possible. Vein ablation treatment is one of many solutions for people who are struggling with their heart health and may be what you need in order to start recovering. If you’ve considered visiting a cardiologist or just want to learn more about heart disease and heart failure, read below to learn more about these devastating diseases and what you can do about them today.
Did You Know?
It’s estimated over 600,000 people die of heart disease every single year in the United States alone. Taking into account heart attacks, which affect nearly 740,000 Americans yearly, that’s at least one in every four deaths caused by heart issues. Direct, as well as indirect, causes of heart disease cost the medical industry over $300 billion every year, with women being one of the most vulnerable population for heart disease. Many factors contribute to these affecting the majority of the population, including but not limited to age, high blood pressure, stress, hereditary disease and cholesterol count.
Most Affected Populations
While anybody can be at risk for heart disease or heart failure, there are certain factors that substantially increase your risk. Those with a risk of heart attack in their family tree have an increased risk compared to those who don’t and elderly populations face higher rates of heart failure than young adults and children. However, young adults can still increase their risk if they smoke regularly, maintain a poor diet and don’t manage their day-to-day stress. An estimated 43 million women in America struggle with heart disease and 90% of all women have at least one to two major risk factors for developing heart failure. Varicose veins, a potential sign of blood or heart problems, can be reversed with vein ablation treatment.
Common Solutions To Heart Troubles
There are little things you can do every day to reduce your heart troubles and encourage overall physical and emotional wellness. Regular physical activity is one of the easiest ways to stave off bad cholesterol, with a mere 30 minutes per day throughout the week being enough to keep you healthy and fit. Your sodium intake should be reduced to no more than 2,400 mg per day, with 1,500 mg considered ideal for most people. Eating a healthy diet rich in leafy greens, fiber and proteins as well as drinking plenty of water are basic habits you can develop to make sure your heart is getting all the help it needs.
Meeting A Cardiologist
While regular exercise, stress management and a healthy diet go a long way in encouraging a healthy heart, you still stand to benefit from a heart check-up. Meeting with a heart professional is the simplest way of detecting potential unseen problems, such as heart rhythm disorder or high blood pressure, that could lead to issues down the road. They will inspect your heart as well as other physical factors and determine whether you need to change your diet or potentially sign up for vein ablation treatment or interventional cardiology. While heart issues affect the majority of the population, many of these devastating issues can be easily prevented with healthy habits and routine check-ups. Meet with your doctor today and see what you can do to cultivate a healthy heart.

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