Road Tripping this Holiday Season? Keep These Safe Driving Tips in Mind

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There tends to be an increase in emergency room visits during the holiday season. There are many causes of these medical emergencies, with auto accidents being one of them. People are traveling more than ever to spend the holiday weeks with their families. This mixed with winter driving conditions can really complicate the busier road conditions. These winter driving tips will ensure that you stay safe during your upcoming holiday travels.

Plan ahead
Planning ahead will reduce the temptation to drive too fast. Driving too quickly on winter roads can cause accidents. Also, when you plan ahead, you can change your travel schedule, based on the current road conditions. You can move your leave time a couple of hours later to ensure that all of the roads have been salted. If the roads get too bad, you might even consider changing your mode of travel to train, bus, or plane. Sometimes, taking the driving risk is just not worth it.

Make sure your vehicle is safe
The current condition of your vehicle will also add or take away from your ability of a safe drive. Before you head out for your travels, get a full winter inspection completed. Change out your tires. Even if it is not snowing when you leave, it could be snowing where you are going, or somewhere along the way. Keep an emergency first aid kit in the trunk and make sure you have a phone charger on you at all times.

Have all of your vehicle records with you
If you are in an auto accident, you will need your insurance, registration, and emergency information. Place it all into an envelope and put that envelope in an easy to reach place. This packet should also include any medical care information, such as who your primary physician is, any current medical conditions, and any preferred after hours urgent care centers or hospitals in the area. Also, don?t forget to include an emergency contact number. This person will be responsible for making any after hours urgent care decisions.

Keep a list of auto emergency clinics
If you have auto problems in the middle of the night, you don?t want to be stranded. Make sure you have an updated list of auto emergency clinics along the way. Also, if you are a member of any auto clubs, bring your membership card with you. This card can get you auto repair and towing discounts. It might even get you a free ride to accommodations while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired. Some auto insurance carriers also have transportation options available.

Know where the local hospitals are
If you suffered a medical emergency right now, you would probably be able to pinpoint the closest hospital or advanced urgent care clinic. However, once you get closer to your intended destination, you probably are not familiar with the hospital or urgent care locations. Create a list of local and along your route after hours urgent care clinics. These are medical care clinics that you can walk into with any medical questions. According to a survey by the Urgent Care Association of America, 57% of patients only wait 15 minutes or less to be seen, perfect for on the road medical care. Additionally, the majority of centers remain open until 7 PM or later on the weeknights (90.6%), with two out of five remaining open until 9 PM or later.

Traveling can be exciting and entertaining. It can also be dangerous, especially when it takes place during the winter months. Make sure you are practicing safe driving during increment road conditions. Know when to stop or move your travel plans, keep all of your records and information on you, have an emergency first aid kit, and know where all of the local after hours urgent care locations are along your route.

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