Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Therapy For People In the United States

Struggling is certainly not uncommon here in the United States – not even struggling with mental health. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite, as various mental health problems are frequently diagnosed in adults of all ages and all different backgrounds all throughout the country, something that just about any psychotherapist will be able to attest to.

Depression, for instance, is quite common, with more than 15,000 adults experiencing at least one period of major depression over the course of the year of 2012 alone. This means that very nearly 7% of all adults in the country were impacted by depression in some way in that year alone. Of course, many more suffer from chronic depression and depression that ebbs and flows, brought on by a wide variety of things.

For instance, depression can simply set in at any given age – unfortunately, even children, quite young children, can be diagnosed with depression. Depression can be brought on by chemical changes too, such as is so frequently seen in mothers soon after they give birth, as post partum depression is in and of itself quite commonplace. And, as one might assume, depression can settle in surrounding major life changes and upheavals as well, especially when they involve personal tragedy.

Dealing with mental health problems can be a difficult thing, and traumatic situations can be hard to recover from. Fortunately, therapists and therapy can really make a difference, though currently only around half of those suffering from major depressive disorder have sought or are currently seeking treatment. But when depression spirals out of control, sometimes seeing a therapy and seeking out therapy services is one of the best steps you can take to get your health back in check and your quality of life back again.

In some cases, talk therapy will suffice. In others, however, a combination of talk therapy and medication will be recommended and ideal. Medication can be a scary thing for many people before they take it, but it can often be utterly life changing – in a hugely positive way – for someone who has been experiencing all of the more debilitating symptoms of depression (or any other such mental illness, for that matter). However, it is important to remember that there is quite a variety of medications currently available to treat depression and so finding the right one (and the right dosage of the right one) might take some time. Patience is key during this process, as there is more likely than not a medication out there that will help you considerably, even if you have not found it quite yet.

Talk therapy can also be beneficial, and can even be very much helpful for family and relationship difficulties as well, providing a safe space to talk out differences and problems in. Family and group therapy has become quite common in recent years, and family and group therapy services are now offered all throughout the country as a whole. You should consider family or group therapy, perhaps, if you are struggling to cope with a child’s mental illness. The process of family and group therapy can provide you with a deeper understanding of what your child is going through as well as ways and tools with which you can help them to thrive even in the face of mental illness, as family therapy and group therapy can actually help in up to 93% of cases, if not even more than that.

Family and group therapy can also be ideal for relationship counseling as well. After all, even the strongest of relationships, the strongest of marriages, will hit their rough patches. Life can be immensely difficult, and our romantic relationships are certainly not immune to reacting to these difficulties and suffering for them even if they are not a cause of these difficulties in and of themselves. In such cases, family and group therapy programs can be very much beneficial. In fact, family and group therapy programs can be ideal for recovering from major upheavals, such as affairs (which will typically last around two years in total).

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