The Benefits Of Getting The Best Hair Transplant The FUE Hair Transplant

Balding is, unfortunately for many, far from an uncommon condition all throughout the entire country of the United States as well as in many other places all around the world. In fact, it is even a condition that effects women as well as men, with more than twenty million women currently in some stage of balding or hair loss in the United States alone (twenty one million at the current date, to be even more exact). However, balding is a condition that far more commonly effects men through the condition of male pattern baldness, a genetic condition that jump starts as many as ninety five percent of all balding processes. And this process of balding is likely to happen to the majority of men – and faster and earlier in life than many people realize. in fact, as many as two thirds of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss by the time that they reach the relatively young age of thirty five. And by the time that they reach the age of fifty, the middle marker of life for so many in the United States, as many as eighty percent of men are somewhere in the balding process, even if it is just in the beginning stages. All in all, around thirty five million men are in the process of going bald in the United States alone.

And this process of balding can be hugely detrimental to the mental health of many men who experience it, especially as it begins to advance and become more and more prominent. In fact, it can take such an emotional toll that among the surveyed men experiencing balding, more than forty five percent of them (forty seven percent of them, to be more exact) said that they would be willing to part with their life savings if it meant that they could have a full head of hair again. And an astounding sixty percent of balding men said that having a full head of hair again was preferable to having money or even friends in their lives, showing the great toll that hair loss can take on the average man living in the United States.

Fortunately, there are options for hair loss treatment, from the best hair restoration to medication. The best hair restoration process is often that of the best hair transplant. With a few different kinds of hair transplants currently being performed today in the United States, it can be difficult to decide which is the best hair transplant procedure. For example, the FUSS procedure has had good success rates. However, the FUSS procedure is not the best hair transplant procedure because it works by taking a large strip of scalp from a part of the head where hair is still growing in thickly – most commonly the back of the head – and replanting it at the front of the head, where the balding is occurring. However, this process has a higher chance of infection than other procedures, like the FUE hair transplant procedure, and leaves a considerable scar, which can limit patients to the hair styles that they are able to wear in the aftermath of the procedure and in all the years to follow unless, of course, they undergo yet another surgical procedure and have a scar revision done. For obvious reasons, this makes the FUSS transplant procedure far from the best hair transplant procedure around.

The FUE transplant, however, could potentially be considered the best hair transplant procedure, as it works by gathering naturally occurring groups of hair – typically three to four strands but sometimes as many as eight – and putting them in the areas of balding. This form of hair transplant is the best hair transplant procedure because, first of all, it does not leave any kind of scarring. On top of this, the risk of infection is much lower in comparison to the FUSS hair transplant procedure and the recovery time is even shorter.

Hair loss can be devastating for anyone, men and women alike. Fortunately, the best hair transplant can help to lessen the blow.

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