What is Urgent Care and When Can You Use It?

Urgent care is a facility where patients can seek medical attention for ailments that are not critical and do require tests. They are usually the best when looking for urgent care Bakersfield. Most people wonder what is urgent care because they believe the emergency services are comprehensive. While this may be true, if you are looking for services such as treatment for minor injuries or strep throat, urgent care will be the fastest way to get treated.

Pediatric urgent care does not have long waits like in the emergency room or having to book for your doctor’s appointment. Just look for urgent care paediatrics near me and you will find fast and affordable medical care. Many centres specialize in kids’ urgent care in Bakersfield, so simply choose the one you find most convenient. Children special treatment and taking them to a pediatric urgent care facility ensures they get best. These facilities have paediatrician staff and so everyone working here understands and knows how to handle kids.

When to Take Your Child to an Urgent Care
What is urgent care and how does it help you as a parent? Well, this is where you seek quick treatment for issues that must be attended quickly even though they are not life-threatening. While you do not have to call 911 because a child is unwell, some illnesses or injuries need to be attended immediately. Here are types of situations that can be handled by urgent care paediatrics nearby.

1. A fever combined with flu symptoms meaning your child has flu.
2. Symptoms suggesting that the child may have an ear infection. Some of the signs to look out for include ear pulling or some discharge from the ear. Ear infection is common in little children, and it’s estimated that every five kids out six will be treated for at least a single infection before their third birthday and almost 40% get not less than three infections before that age.
3. If you check your child for a sore throat whether it has white patches or not on the swollen tonsils, it is a strep throat infection sign. This can be treated at urgent care closest to me in Bakersfield.
4. If you suspect your child has conjunctivitis. Some of the symptoms to look out for include pick inflamed eyes with discharge or without.
5. A child who has vomited and has had loose stool but does not look dehydrated and has no pains.
If your child can walk, speak, play and interact with others, the high chances are that he does not require emergency care and will be fine after a visit at pediatric urgent care nearby.

Knowing what is urgent care and when to get it will help save time and money while getting your child the best care available. Pedi centre Bakersfield is stand-alone health facility that deals with urgent healthcare situations and is open to care for your children 24 hours in a day.

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