Wheelchair Features For Active Lifestyles

Wheelchair Features For Active Lifestyles: What’s Best For You
There are 2 million new wheelchair users in the United States every year, and each one of them has its problems when dealing with this matter. Often, people who are injured or disabled have a more challenging time trying their wheelchairs because it lacks certain features that make their life a tad more accessible and more comfortable.
Wheelchairs come in various shapes, sizes, features, prices, etc. It can be pretty overwhelming to know each component that can help you increase your comfort and mobility in your everyday life. Here are some essential features you should not miss when having your wheelchair.
Bespoke or Fitted?
For wheelchair users with active lifestyles, the first dilemma in choosing a suitable wheelchair is whether you opt for a bespoke wheelchair or a fitted one. So what’s the difference between the two? Although fitted wheelchairs are adjustable wheelchairs and can be often bought in your typical medical equipment store, wheelchair alterations aren’t as improvised as the bespoke ones.
On the other hand, bespoke wheelchairs are custom-fitted to the user, which means the dealer will get your precise measurements and send them to the manufacturer. A customized wheelchair is best suited for users who think their bodies aren’t going through significant changes. In contrast, fitted wheelchairs are best used for injured users or went through an accident as manufacturers use built-in adjustments to tailor-fit your body and provide comfort and accessibility. Just be sure that whichever you choose, having wheelchairs that are rigid goes a long way when it comes to your recovery and healing.

Other Features of Wheelchairs:


If you have an active lifestyle, your wheelchair should provide you with every bit of handling as this will ease your life in various cases. Active lifestyle users often find themselves going through different kinds of traffic. They are pretty active than other wheelchair users; if you happen to be an active user, ensure that your wheelchair frame is lightweight, high-tech, and made of high-quality materials.

Wheelchairs made of alloy, titanium, or alloy are proven worth your time. They meet all the requirements to achieve better handling of your wheelchair. When your wheelchair is made of lightweight materials, it improves the movement of the wheelchair as a whole, and moving the wheelchair on your own isn’t as strenuous as one would envision. In addition, wheelchairs that are rigid are often made with these lightweight and compact materials.


Another important aspect of your wheelchair is comfort; if you are in a wheelchair for a couple of weeks or months, it should provide the comfort you need as you will be in this equipment for long periods. Active users should find more padding, ergonomic seat designs, and other features that promote good posture.

Furthermore, if you have an active lifestyle despite being in a wheelchair, try opting for a more high performance wheelchair. While they can be pretty expensive at first, they will provide the best comfort that you need until you are fully recovered.

Wheelchairs that are rigid and provide comfort have several adjustable features to distribute pressure and promote good posture. In addition, for wheelchair users with active lifestyles, opt for wheelchair wheels that have smooth surfaces and wheelchairs that fold if you find yourself constantly going to various places for your dynamic workouts.


If you have an active lifestyle, then the most crucial feature that your wheelchair should have is to be as functional as possible. Therefore, opt for something that is a fitted wheelchair with folding features for easy transport, lumbar support for lower back injuries, and many more.

Pressure ulcers are prevalent in people using wheelchairs from time to time, so it is essential to have a wheelchair that reduces the risk of having one. Your wheelchair should also have a cutting-edge design; it distributes pressure evenly and alleviates tension in areas that should be reduced, such as high—performance wheelchairs with adjustable straps and extra cushioning.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for wheelchairs that are rigid more sleek, and compact wheelchair, sometimes less is more. For example, you may not need an armrest if you never need help when moving. Sometimes, getting a wheelchair with a low back can help relieve some of the pressure off your back.

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