Where do you go for a late night pediatric emergency?

Have you ever woken up to a crying, screaming child and panicked knowing the closest clinic is closed and completely unable to help you? As a parent you get to experience all of these types of emergencies and get to take all kinds of trips to walk in clinics and hospitals for sickness, broken bones, stitches, and much more. Luckily doctors have decided to open 24 hour pediatric urgent care clinics to treat all kinds of non emergency situations.

Kids are constantly contracting illnesses or taking tumbles to which they wind up with a fracture or concussion and you need pediatric urgent care nearby. Ear infections are quite common in small children under the age of 3 and when they get one they can be in agonizing pain which causes them to scream and cry for hours on end. The last thing you want to do is sit forever in an emergency room trying to comfort your sick child. When looking for an urgent care clinic you might want to find out what is considered urgent care and what is considered emergency care?

Emergency care is considered to be anything that is life threatening. If you feel your child will die without urgent treatment that is when you need emergency care. Urgent care is meant for those who require care quickly but they will not die if they are waiting a short while. It is good to know the when to go to urgent care and how to tell the difference. 24 hour pediatric urgent care is full of people who are happy to comfort you in this stressful time as a parent and can point you in the right direction if you are requiring emergency care instead.

As a parent you will learn to be strong and confident in all emergency situations but remember it is normal to be scared and worried as you learn to face the biggest problems thrown at you in the crazy parenting gig. Remember not to show too much fear to your child during these times as they will need you to reassure them that they are going to be just fine and they can handle anything thrown their way. Children can be very brave when given the right opportunity, so embrace their strength and support them with encouraging words and lots of hugs.

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