Why Does Going On Vacation Improve Our Physical Health?

Taking a weekend trip

What’s in a vacation, anyway?

You take the week off, head to a decent enough city and drink until you pass out…right? Not quite. Your vacation is actually just what the doctor ordered, a tried-and-true method of staving off burnout and even lighting a spark in your relationship. No joke! The United States is home to some of the worst vacation goers, with a significant portion of the population actively skipping their paid leave in favor of more work. Despite this? As many as 75% of the country believes taking time off is very important.

Here’s why you should consider grabbing your significant other and taking a few days off at luxury resorts in upstate NY.

Did You Know?

Before we go into the psychological and physical benefits of taking a vacation, let’s look at what has other people taking to the beaches. The American spa industry reached an impressive revenue of $16 billion back in 2015, making it one of the fastest growing leisure industries as we know it. American residents logged a collective one billion trips that very same year. It’s estimated over 15 million Americans will practice yoga at least once per month and cycling, in particular, is beginning to make a comeback as a fit and green way of staying healthy. For those that just want a change of scenery…a vacation is just what you need.

Improve Your Physical Health

Do you find yourself catching the common cold a lot more than usual? You could be seeing your immune system atrophying before your very eyes. Stress is one of the biggest strains on our physical health, whittling down our ability to fight off infection and stay energized little-by-little. Job stress has been recently reported as the leading cause of frustration for American adults, causing many to miss out on vital sleep and suffer from chronic pain. Taking a vacation is key to pulling back from the elements that pummel away at your physical wellness.

Keep Burnout At Bay

Burnout strikes out of nowhere and can lay you low for weeks. Sometimes months. Dipping over to some luxury resorts in upstate NY can do wonders for making sure you’re not one of many people put out by burnout. Burnout is best known for sapping your energy, making you lose interest in your hobbies and even affecting your ability to sleep. Gathering together some great trip ideas for the weekend can help you step back from the drudgery of working week after week and give you some much-needed perspective on your life. A little extra sleep doesn’t hurt, either!

Fall In Love Again

If you’re starting to feel the burnout in your relationship, tucking over for a couples getaway at luxury resorts in upstate NY might be a good place to start. A recent AARP survey found nearly 25% of Millennials planning on going on a romantic getaway back in 2016. This potentially involves indulging in local food, applying for a thorough massage or appreciating the great outdoors after weeks of being stuck in a cubicle. Another survey saw four out of 10 travelers admitting they feel much more romantic on vacation, to boot, and most trips are taken for leisure purposes. Those plane tickets starting to sound good?

Fun Trip Ideas For You And Yours

Think of fun things you could try on your vacation. You can get a massage. You can take some fantastic photos. While it’s tempting to check your e-mail before you go to bed and keep your phone on ring at all times, the function of a vacation is to give you that breathing room you couldn’t get all the months before. People who go on vacation report feeling much more clearheaded, relaxed and appreciative afterwards, putting them in a much better spot to go back to the grind or return to daily family obligations. A recent international study saw nearly 60% of people admitting they much prefer a relaxing vacation to an active one. Just because they’re luxury resorts in upstate NY doesn’t mean you have to go all out!

Now that you know what’s in a vacation…where are you going to go in 2018?

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