Why You May Need To Use A Catheter At Home

Many men who have urinary problems may need urological supplies at home to help them relieve themselves throughout the day and night. Going into the hospital for a urinary problem could mean coming home with such urological supplies such as a catheter and other urology supplies. If you are wondering what urinary problems could mean going into the hospital and coming home with free catheter samples, keep reading to learn more information about why you may need urological supplies at home.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence in men means you may be leaking when you laugh, cry, cough, or do anything else that may cause you to leak a little bit of urine without going to the bathroom. If this happens to you, you will need other types of urological supplies besides a catheter. You may need to start wearing adult diapers.

Urinary Retention

Urinary retention means quite the opposite of urinary incontinence. It means you are actually having problems urinating. If you are having problems urinating, you will need to go into the hospital and come out with catheters. The hospital will teach you how to use the catheter and they will also provide you with your first free catheters to take home. After that, your insurance will pay for what they can but you may have to pay out of your own pocket a little bit, maybe not too much though.

Problems With Your Prostate

If you are having problems with your prostate, you may need different urological supplies at home. However, if it is more troublesome than just a swelled up prostate, you may be in the hospital for a while. Get your prostate tested every year to ensure it is a healthy one and to ensure you don’t have cancer.


If you end up having some type of surgery, whether it be on your prostate or anything else to do with your male parts, you still may need a catheter at home. You will have to be in the hospital for a little while, but they will show you how to put the catheter in and how to change it when it needs changed.

Did you know that urinary incontinence can and most like will increase while you age? In fact, the chances of having this problem increased by 14 % for those who are between the ages of 65 years old to 69 years old. It can also increase by 45 % for those who are 85 years old and older. Did you know also that catheters are not a new thing at all? They have been used for more than 3,500 years to drain your bladder of urine if you have problems draining it on your own.

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