3 Benefits of Methadone Treatment for a Painkiller Addiction

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Certain people find themselves at the mercy of crippling addictions to illicit drugs. Oftentimes, an addiction to painkiller can spiral into someone obtaining other types of narcotics. In fact, statistics show that 80% of people using heroin started out abusing prescription painkillers. There are many dangers associated with a drug addiction, especially the possibility of overdosing. In fact, statistics from 2015 found that drug overdose was the number one cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Fortunately, many are seeking the treatment they need with the help of methadone. Here are three benefits of methadone for those addicted to painkillers.

  1. Avoiding Painful Withdrawals

    Many visit methadone centers to receive a way to combat painkiller addiction without suffering withdrawals. Painkillers are made to obviously help someone experience less pain. If used long enough, painkillers begin to alter the way someone experiences pain. With that in mind, it’s not often recommended that someone addicted to painkillers utilizes the cold turkey method. Instead, methadone clinics can help someone obtain relief without having to continue the cycle of painkiller addiction.
  2. Obtaining Relief Without Breaking the Law

    There is nothing unlawful about using painkillers that are prescribed to you. However, many living with a painkiller addiction will obtain these pills from any source available. With that in mind, someone might try and purchase or obtain painkillers from another person. If you’re found with painkillers that aren’t yours, you could find yourself dealing with possible jail time. On the other hand, methadone centers are able to legally let you get the relief you seek without risking breaking the law.
  3. Treatment Method Known for Being Successful

    There are several ways to seek treatment from an addiction to painkillers. However, numerous amounts of research show that methadone is an effective way to treat certain painkiller addictions. In fact, treatment using methadone has a success rate that ranges from 60-90%.

In summary, there are several benefits of methadone for those who are overcoming an addiction to painkillers. Using methadone allows those suffering from prescription addictions to feel relief without having to go cold turkey. Visiting methadone centers for treatment keeps you away from seedy individuals and situations that could have you ending up arrested. Numerous amounts of research have shown that treatment through the use of methadone has a quite high success rate.

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