5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Sleep Apnea Machine

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can have serious consequences for the people who suffer from it. People with this condition stop breaking for periods of times, called “apneas.” These can go on for just a few seconds or last for up to a minute. Some sufferers will experience more than 60 apneas each hour during the night. When people are looking for sleep apnea solutions, continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) is considered to be the best way to deal with this disorder. The problem is that most people do not use these CPAP machines for a consistent or long enough time frame to get all of the health benefits. As many as 80% of sleep apnea sufferers say this. At least 50% of people with the disorder will discontinue their use of the machine within one and three weeks of bringing it home. These tips can help you get used to using your machine and help you get the most from its use.

  1. Start out by wearing the mask around your home. One of the problems that people have with the CPAP system is just getting used to wearing something on their face. When you are looking at various sleep apnea solutions, it is easy to shy away from using CPAP machines because of the problems associated with wearing the CPAP masks. Wear it when you sit down to watch television, play a video game or read a book. This may make wearing the mask feel more comfortable.
  2. You have a night time routine, make your sleep apnea machine be a part of it. When you do to bed at night, be diligent about using your CPAP machine. It can be difficult for the first week but if you wear it every night. you will get used to it over time. In the same way that people who suffer from insomnia need to be strict with themselves in terms of keeping to a consistent sleep schedule, when you first get your CPAP machine, you need to be disciplined when it comes to wearing it every night.
  3. Try out several CPAP masks to get the right one. It may go without saying that getting a CPAP mask that fits correctly makes a difference. If you get a mask that is too small, the air from the machine will not go where it needs to be one of the effective sleep apnea solutions. The air will be pushed, not into your lungs, but to your face. This does you no good. If you get a mask that is too big, you will end up tightening it too much to the point when it is not possible for it to be comfortable.
  4. Make it a point to keep everything clean. Your CPAP machines may be one of the best sleep apnea solutions but it is also a great place for bacteria to thrive. The warm and moist air that passes through makes it very attractive to dangerous bacteria. When bacteria, dirt and dust get into the tubes or any of the other pieces of your CPAP machine, it also takes on an odor that is less than pleasant. By keeping it clean, you will make the experience of using the machine much more comfortable. You may want to put this on your calendar so that cleaning your CPAP equipment is as much a part of your routine as using it.
  5. Talk to your sleep center. If you try these tips and still have problems with it, call up your sleep center and see if they have any suggestions. You are not the first person to have issues with the machine.

People who suffer from sleep apnea face real consequences for their overall health. Their risk for having a stroke is four times higher than people who do not have the disorder. They are three times as likely to develop heart disease. This makes finding the right sleep apnea solutions incredibly important. This disorder is not just annoying, it can be deadly. If you are one of the 18 million people who suffers from this disorder, it is important to get the most from your CPAP machine.

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