6 Tips to a More Successful Hair Transplant Surgery Experience

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Hair loss is a problem for men and women across the planet. By the time men reach the age of 32 years old, nearly 67% of all men will have lost an appreciable amount of hair. By they reach the age of 50, that number will go up to 85%. In the United States, there are roughly 35 million men who have some level of hair loss. The good news is that hair transplant surgery can help restore a man’s hair and give them back their self confidence.

There are some things that man (and women) need to know and understand before they go for hair transplant surgery.

  1. Go in for a consultation at a hair transplant clinic. When you go in for a consultation for any kind of hair transplant surgery, the hair loss specialist will evaluate you to determine how good of a candidate you are for the procedure. People whose hair loss has reached a more stable point are the ideal candidates to undergo a hair restoration procedure. People who are very young are not advised to have a hair transplant operation. Also, you should not consider getting a hair transplant surgery if you have just noticed you are losing your hair. Most men can lose up to half of their hair before other people will be able to notice it.
  2. Know the quality of the hair transplanted will depend on the donor hair quality. Everyone has different experiences with their hair transplant procedure. The quality of the donor hair will play a big role in how the hair transplant process goes and how happy you will be with the result. This is another thing the hair transplant doctor will look at when you go in for your initial consultation with the clinic.
  3. Once complete, you can treat your transplanted hair the same as you would any other hair. The hair that has been transplanted from one area to another is really like any other hair. In the commercials, they say that you can “wash it, swim with it…” and those claims are true. Once it has taken and has started to grow, you should be able to treat it the way you would your normal hair. It can be styled the same way as your regular hair.
  4. This is a permanent solution to your hair loss problems. When you have a hair transplant surgery, you should understand that this is a permanent solution to your problems with hair loss. This is also a surgery and as such should be considered carefully. No hair loss clinics do a test area before they do the entire scalp. The procedure can take up to eight hours and once doctors start, there is no going back. You should take your time when you are looking at different hair transplant clinics. Do your research.
  5. Be patient with the process. This is a permanent solution but its impact takes some time to become apparent. Your hair did not all fall out in one day and it will take longer for it to grow in after a hair transplant surgery. Nearly 80% of the transplanted hair should be grown in by the eight month mark after your surgery. Many people find that hair around the crown of the head takes longer to grow back. If you know and accept this going in, you will have a better experience with your hair transplant surgery.
  6. Listen to your doctor. After you have your hair transplant surgery, your surgeon will send you home with detailed instructions. These will have been written up just for you and should be followed to the letter to have the best recovery after the operation. While it may not be a very invasive procedure, it is still surgery so you need to give your body some time to recover. That means you should rest for the first few days. The staff at the clinic will let you know what you should do vis-a-vis showering and washing your hair for the first few days.

No one really wants to lose their hair. The newer hair transplant surgery techniques can give you a natural looking head of hair and restore your confidence.

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