HRTA Miracle in Natural Therapy?

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Hrt, or hormone replacement therapy, has been used for years to relieve symptoms of menopause. It is one of the most popular menopausal solutions for women going through this stage of life.

Menopause usually will begin in women between ages 40 and 58, with the average age at about 51, and brings with it some very uncomfortable symptoms for some women. Consulting a local gynecologist is the first step for a woman to take when considering hrt. Her doctor will be able to advise her of the type of menopause treatment that might be best for her to try. Interestingly, although life expectancies have increased with time, the average age for menopause has not changed. In addition, a study done in 2003 showed that financial problems along with years of depression can contribute to a woman experiencing early menopause.

Not only has hrt been successful as a menopause treatment, it is also widely used as an anti aging therapy. There are a wide variety of problems that will cause an imbalance of hormones in the body in people over the age of 40, and occasionally in people in their 30’s. Dietary and environmental toxins contribute to these imbalances over a person’s lifetime which adversely affect the hormonal balance in the system. There are a long list of problems that can result from this type of imbalance which are considered to be the “symptoms of aging”. Weight gain, sleeplessness, mood swings, fatigue, and memory loss to name just a few. When these symptoms begin to bring down a person’s quality of life, it is the right time to consult a professional about considering hrt.

There are several types of hormonal therapy that could be discussed between a specialist and their patient before the right one is decided upon. To begin with they will go through a detailed review of the patient’s family and medical history. Testing will be done of the patient’s saliva and urine, and bloodwork will possibly be done as well. Next, the different types of therapy will be analyzed. They will include natural hormone balancing, fitness programs, nutrition planning, stress reduction planning, appropriate vitamins and supplements, ongoing evaluations, and more.

A good thing to know is that hrt is an extremely successful therapy for both men and women. It is basically a natural therapy and can be adjusted according to the individual’s own levels and their needs. Seeing a highly trained professional is imperative to determining the exact hormonal levels of the patient, and to settling on the treatment that will bring the best results. In men, hrt can stop the declining of testosterone levels, and make them less susceptible to heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. They will naturally feel stronger and be able to lose any weight they have gained during their “after 40” years. Women will find relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and weight gain.

All in all, hrt, if administered by highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, can be life changing for the patient in every positive way.

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