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When you take a look around it is obvious that America needs a mandatory workout plan. Considering the fact that many children and teens cannot walk more than a block without becoming winded, the government should make supervised exercise mandatory for everyone. You do not think so? You think that sound tyrannical? Then consider this. The government imposes unreasonable penalties upon teachers and schools based upon poor student performance on dubious standardized tests, yet little, if anything, is done about the obesity and poor overall health of the students who are supposedly the future of the United States. Thus, the government prioritizes performance on suspect tests, yet turns a blind eye toward their health. Well, for those who value their health, the best workout DVD can play a significant role in offering exercises to keep fit. By enlisting the services of the best workout DVD, Americans who are interested in getting fit fast can learn how to stay fit, and to keep healthy for the rest of their lives.

Unlike joining a gym, the best workout DVD is cheap and can be done in the privacy of ones home. While the gym can be motivating for those intent on keeping fit and healthy, the beautiful and smiling folks featured on the best workout DVD can be be even more motivating. Because those who are featured on the DVD recognize that their audience consists largely of a bunch of flabby toads, they also provide helpful tips on how to keep healthy and keeping fit at a young age. Furthermore, among the best workout DVDs, many are created with beginners in mind, and thus, are quite manageable for for those with workout phobia. Of course, no exercise program is easy, nor should it be easy, but the best workout DVD make it possible for desperately out of shape individuals to create realistic goals that will allow them to go shopping without having to ride around those annoying motorized shopping carts.

The bottom line is that ninety percent of Americans could stand to be in better shape. Although it begins by eating healthier meals, exercise is essential for one to remain fit. While some people are lucky enough to work jobs that enable them to keep fit, most people do not. Therefore, the best workout DVD can provide them with a convenient workout from home, which is much more affordable than any gym membership.

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