Eyebrow Tinting The Surprising Cosmetic Benefits

Using massage therapy

Up to 92% of Americans agree that a medical massage from a spa service helps to reduce pain. However, spas offer clients more than relief from muscle aches and pains. They also offer services such as skin care and professional eyebrow tinting.

Professional eyebrow tinting is similar to eyelash tinting. A therapist will use semi-permanent vegetable dye to safely apply color to your eyebrows. This gives your eyebrows more definition, color, and shape.

But why choose to receive eyebrow tinting in the first place? And what can professional eyebrow tinting do for you that professional facials can’t? Consider the following ways eyebrow tinting can freshen up your look.

Complementing hair color

Dark hair colors are typically the go-to choice when it comes to the colder months. This is because the absence of the sun keeps blonde hair from its natural glow, which can cause the hair to look drab and dull. However, if you have naturally lighter eyebrows, the contract between your hair and your ‘brows may throw off your look.

This is where eyebrow tinting comes in. By tinting your eyebrows just a little darker, it can complement your new hair color to make it look that much more natural.

Give yourself a more defining look

Many people love to give their eyebrows more definition, especially their arches. Eyebrow tinting helps darken the arches of those with fair hair to give them the dramatic look they want without as much need for an eyebrow pencil.

This darkening of the eyebrows helps provide better contrast for those with light eyes. It also helps give a better definition for those with dark skin and dark eyes as well.

However, it’s essential for those who choose to undergo eyebrow tinting that they don’t go too dark. Like hair color, a shade or two lighter or darker looks the most natural. To go too dark is to make your eyebrows look inky and unnatural.

Eyebrow tinting is a unique way to darken your look and add definition to your face. Whether you’re looking to match your eyebrows to your new hair color or you simply want a new look, consider trying eyebrow tinting today at your local spa.

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