Four Common Signs You May Be Living With A Form Of Depression

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Nothing seems more difficult than the aftermath of depression, trauma or anxiety. When even day-to-day tasks such as going on the bus or making yourself a plate of food seem like impossible endeavors, it’s possible you may be suffering with a severe form of mental illness. You’re far from alone, however. Millions of American adults are currently living with various forms of depression and trauma. When it comes to seeking out the help they need to live a better life, though, these numbers are far smaller. Don’t feel like you have to tackle this beast alone. Here are a few tips to help you better identify your depression and get the help you need when you feel ready.

I Sleep Too Much Or Can’t Fall Asleep At All

One of the most common precursors to depression is struggling with regular sleep. Depression can make you feel lethargic and uninterested, causing you to seek out too much sleep. Likewise, the stress the comes with depression can make falling asleep and staying asleep incredibly difficult. Over half of all Americans with major depression don’t seek out the trauma treatment or cognitive behavioral therapy services they need to live a better life.

I’m Not Interested In Hobbies Or My Social Life Anymore

What do you do when things that previously made you happy just don’t have the effect you’re used to? This is an easy one to overlook, as people often expect their interest to bounce back in time. When it doesn’t, however, it’s possible depression is eroding your ability to get excited over hanging out with friends or seeing that movie you’ve been waiting for. Studies have shown 16 million American adults had at least one depressive episode in 2012, if not several.

I Sometimes Have Suicidal Thoughts

There’s no shame in feeling suicidal. Due to prevalent social stigma many who suffer with depression feel they can’t share what they’re going through, leading them to spiral further and further down until they’re in an even rougher spot. Studies have shown at least 11% of adolescents will have a major depressive disorder by the time they reach 18 years old and a stunning 350 million people around the world struggle with some form of depression, be it chronic, seasonal or trauma related. If you’ve had suicidal thoughts or are starting to wonder if you’ve been struggling week after week, look below to learn about counseling services.

I Don’t Know If I Need Counseling Or Not

It’s normal to feel sad, overwhelmed or disinterested from time-to-time. When these feelings persist for weeks on end, reach suicidal heights or affect your ability to function in the day-to-day (struggling to function should be taken seriously, too!), it’s possible you may need therapy services. While it will vary depending on the severity of your condition, psychotherapy treatments for depression often combine counseling with medication for a 10 to 12 week span. It can take medication four to six weeks to show its full benefits. If you live with a family member or loved one, group therapy services can also help. You’re not alone in your struggle against depression. Let counselors help you this year so you can live your life to the fullest.

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