How to Get the Most of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Experience

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How many of are tired of shaving, waxing or using smelly chemicals to get rid of unwanted hair? Most of us! That is why laser hair removal treatments are so popular. They are even more popular than medical weight loss programs. 2009 alone, there were at least 893,054 laser hair removal treatments performed, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). After Botox treatments, laser hair removal treatments are the most popular aesthetic procedure in women who are over 35 years old. For women aged 35 or under, it is the most popular treatment. Almost all women who have it end up happy with it. Nearly 97% of women who receive it report being happy with the results, according to the Celibre Medical Corporation. There are things you can do to make the process better for you.

Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments, You Need to:

Check and see if the laser hair removal service is even right for you.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for a laser hair removal treatment. The process targets the pigment in the hair. The laser goes after the melanin, which gives the hair color, to break it down and the result is the hair falls out. This works best on darker hair. There are also some hormonal problems and medications that made the procedure inadvisable for certain women.

The best thing to do is head over to the laser hair removal clinic and have a consultation. They will work with you to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure and do a test on your skin to see if it will work well and how you will respond to the treatments.

Do not go tanning before your appointment.

If you are someone who uses tanning beds or spends time in the sun, you will need to stop doing that for six weeks before your laser hair removal treatments begin. If your skin is tan when you have your appointments, the result can be burns and blisters that are painful.

Let your hair grow before the treatments begin.

You can shave but anything that removes your hair from the root needs to be avoided for six weeks before you begin you start your laser hair removal treatments. This is because the laser’s whole point is to target the hair at the root. If there is no hair at the root, the laser will be left with no target to go after and there really is no point in having the treatment. You will be asked to shave the day before the treatment, as this encourages the hair to grow, which you want before the laser hair removal treatments begin.

Abstain from caffeine.

For at least one day before your laser hair removal treatments begin, you should not drink any caffeine. It is important to be calm and relaxed during your treatments so avoiding this substance can only help with that.

Shower before your appointment.

You want to have the cleanest skin possible when you have your laser hair removal treatments. Do not apply any moisturizer before you go in.

Things You Should Do After Your Laser Hair Treatments:

Do not go in the sun.

You really need to protect your skin after the laser hair removal treatments just as you did before. Stay out of the sun and do not go to a tanning salon for six weeks after your laser hair removal treatments. Your skin is bound to be more sensitive but you can also have a bad impact on the treatments themselves.

Stay away from waxing and plucking.

Your hair will fall out and you should still avoid anything that pulls the hair out at the root. You can shave but that is about it.

You will need at least several treatments to achieve the results that you want. This is not a one time deal. This is the reason that you are advised to not pluck or wax after the treatment as it removes the very thing the laser is going to target; the active hair root. It can take between three and eight treatments to get the results people want, the permanent hair loss. It will happen!


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