Reasons to Consider a FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

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Hair loss is a common, but unfortunate part of aging. Both men and women experience hair thinning and hair loss as they get older. Some products claim to slow down the progression of hair loss, while others claim to grow the hair back. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve increased hair volume is with a hair transplant therapy. Newer improvements to the hair restoration process have made the procedure minimally invasive and resulted in reduced recovery time. With the safer procedure, there are many reasons to consider a FUE hair transplant.

Less scars

FUSS is the hair transplant procedure that most are familiar with. It is invasive, has a higher complication rate, leaves scars on the back of the head, limits graft harvesting due to pulling of scalp in future procedures, and takes more time to recovery from. FUE, on the other hand, is minimally invasive, has a lower complication rate, does not leave large scars, and has a shorter recovery time. FUE patients can also shave or keep their hair short in the future, which is important to many hair transplant patients.

Appear younger

Balding is commonly associated with someone who is high in age. Premature balding or bald spots can make a person look older than they are. Women who experience extreme thinning or balding of the hair are likely to feel self conscious and less confident. A hair loss specialist can look at the specific condition of your hair and provide you with your hair transplant options that will provide you with a younger look.

By the age of 35, two thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. Hair thinning and hair loss is a common problem, especially among men. Your hair clinic can provide you with options that allow you to age slower, all while giving you a safe hair transplant option with minimal scars.


Hair grows in an effort to protect your body from extreme heat or cold. If you live in a location that experiences either very hot summers or very cold winters, you may miss the protection that your hair offered. When heat or coolness is lost through the head, it often makes the rest of the body very uncomfortable in temperature. When you go through with the FUE hair transplant process, you will again have that temperature protectant.


You hair can actually be a safety feature on your body. If you have ever gotten sunburn on your scalp, you understand the pain. It can cause headaches and is difficult to heal it. Your hair can also protect you from outdoor insect bites, by forcing them to make it through your hair before biting or stinging you. When you have no hair or spots of baldness on your head, you are opening your scalp up to a variety of problems.

Job and social relationships

There is nothing to say that a man with thinning or balding hair cannot be attractive. However, a large percentage of men who lose their hair, especially prematurely, do not feel as comfortable. This lack of confidence may affect their job prospects and relationships. It may also affect their social relationships. Hair loss or scars from poor hair transplant procedures can quickly become a point of vulnerability for many.

Hair loss is often associated with aging. When a person is bald, they are considered to be older. This can be especially problematic for the person who experienced premature balding. Previous hair transplant procedures were expensive, dangerous, and required a lot of down recovery time. However, advancements have made the new procedures less invasive and leave patients with fewer scars. The increase in the hair can protect the head, keep it a more comfortable temperature, provide warmth, make the patient appear to be younger, and increase their confidence.

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