The Importance Of Iodine And The Effects Of Iodine Deficiency

If you are wondering what is nascent iodine, you are certainly not alone. Iodine deficiencies are not uncommon no matter where you go in the United States and even if you are not deficient, you are likely to wonder what is nascent iodine? But the question of what is nascent iodine is not even the most important one. A more important question of what is nascent iodine is this: what does nascent iodine do and why is it so important.

For those asking what is nascent iodine and perhaps even why do people need iodine, here is the answer. Iodine is an important chemical that our bodies need and, unfortunately, too few of us have the recommended levels. If you are deficient in iodine, you become susceptible to a number of negative health consequences. For one, iodine deficiency is linked to a number of cancers. A number of studies and research conducted by Dr. B.A. Eskin found, over a time span of thirty years with more than eighty papers published in total, that iodine deficiency and the development and subsequent diagnosis of cancer had a direct link, particularly in cases of breast cancer and thyroid cancer alike.

And the problem of iodine deficiency is not one that is confined to the United States, though it is certainly prevalent here as well. No, in fact, the problem of iodine deficiency is so widespread that it has now been declared a public health problem in a total of forty seven countries all throughout the entirety of the world, effecting more than two billion people in total, which is very nearly forty percent of the entire population of the world as a whole. The World Health Organization (or the WHO, as they are commonly and colloquially often known) even estimates that more than seventy percent of the total global population is, at some level, deficient in iodine and iodine levels have decreased significantly by as much as fifty percent in total over the course of the past thirty years, marking an increasing problem the world over.

Fortunately, there are ways to supplement iodine in our diets, which should include as much as one hundred and fifty mcp per every single day, and here the question of what is nascent iodine become important. Nascent iodine can be used in iodine supplements, but can also be added to common table salt, a typical household object in the vast majority of households. In fact, more than seventy countries currently add iodine to the table salt that is sold (with the exception of many brands of sea salts, which typically do not contain any form of iodine) to supplement iodine in the diets of their consumers. Iodine supplements can also be taken in pill form, however. It is hugely important to discuss your questions surrounding iodine and its purpose (such as what is nascent iodine) with your doctor, who will test your iodine levels if there is any concern at all that you are deficient in iodine. Your doctor will be able to explain nascent iodine health benefits, as well as a nascent iodine dosage if you are in need of supplementing due to an iodine deficiency.

The awareness of iodine deficiency in places like the United States as well as in many other countries and locations around the world is hugely troubling, as the intake of proper levels of iodine is important to public health. Lack of iodine in an area is even considered to be a public health problem, and it is a growing one at that, with total levels of iodine dropping significantly over the course of the last few decades. Fortunately, we have developed ways of supplementing iodine in our diets, such as adding iodine to a product as simple as common table salt, which is done by more than fifty countries all throughout the world in hopes of boosting the iodine consumption and intake of their inhabitants and reducing the number of those who are found to be iodine deficient. Iodine consumption is important, and you should have your iodine levels tested if you are at all concerned.

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