The Rising Sales of Leather Bike Seats

Out of all of the cardio workouts available, the two most popular forms of cardio involve either jogging or bike riding. This is without a question the most fun people have with their workouts, especially when referring to bike riding specifically. Understand that there are cycling classes, or spin classes, where people spend time riding a bicycle in place.

There are plenty of benefits of having a comfortable bike seat, such as a leather bike seat. It makes bike riding much more enjoyable when you are able to rest on a nice bike seat built for optimal comfort. Some people spend a lot of money on their bike seats, so if you find the right leather bike seat then go crazy.

Cycling may not be as popular as jogging but that does not mean that people are not enthusiastic about their cycling experience. In the United States, less than 3.4 million adults frequently ride bicycles, totaling one-eighth of all adult cyclists. However, keep in mind that people who participate in outdoor activities spend over $10 billion annually on bicycling gear, accessories, and vehicles. While

In 2012, 25% of all bicycles sold by specialty bicycle stores were mountain bikes. When people buy mountain bikes then more often than not they will look to a comfortable leather bike seat to balance out their bikes design. Here are all of the facts on the most comfortable bike seats available, the leather bike seat.

Bicycling Is Widely Popular In The United States

Since the year of 2005, there are states across the United States that have experienced a 46% increase in the number of people who commute with bikes. Now, it is important to understand this does not include people riding their bikes for physical exercise. This means that more and more people are getting onto bicycles as a form of transportation. Before they commit though, they will buy a comfortable leather bike seat.

At more than 1 billion, there are twice as many bicycles in the world as there are cars. This type of stat may surprise people who think the world of transportation and movement is dominated by motor vehicles. But now only are bikes still alive and well, they are doing a wonderful job in terms of sales.

Almost $81 million is spent on bicycling gear in the U.S. compared to $51 billion spent on airplane tickets and fees. This is another type of stat that may surprise people, and there is nothing wrong with that. The money spent on bikes is rising and this is because more and more people want to sit down on a nice, lush leather bike seat when they ride their bike!

In 2010, over 21.8 million adults in the United States rode a bicycle 109 days or less. These 109 days comprise nearly one-third of the entire year! The bicycle industry in the United States saw $6.2 billion in direct sales in 2015. About $1.2 billion in used bicycles were sold in 2015. In 2015, 36 million Americans from age 7 and up rode a bicycle 6 or more times.

Bike Riding Provides Great Health Benefits

Much like other forms of cardio, bike riding has a lot of health benefits packed into this activity. Not only is it a nice way to get a sweat going and to burn calories, but it has been proven scientifically to actually increase people’s health. A study conducted by the British Medical Association found that coronary heart disease was reduced by 50% when people cycled 20 miles a week.

In Conclusion

Anyone looking for an easy way to get back into shape should look into a cycling machine or buying a bicycle that they can use. A bike is a wondrous way to enjoy cardio but without having to worry about knee pain or other varying problems. Plus, when you get a bike and include a leather bike seat you are going to be so comfortable during your workouts!

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