There Are Low-Cost Family Health Care Plans Available for You

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While you may currently have access to a low cost health clinic or a free walk in clinic, do you have a regular primary care physician? Over time, a regular primary care physician learns more about you and your family’s medical history and any ongoing health issues that you may have.

Do you have a family health care plan? Having insurance for family care is important. Not only can you and your family benefit from having a primary care physician, you can also have access to an emergency walk in clinic or an urgent care facility.

Having access to an urgent care facility, particularly in an emergency, can make a significant difference with medical costs. According to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, it costs an average of $1,318 to a visit to the emergency room. When you don’t have insurance for family care, this can potentially create a financial burden.

While life-threatening issues need to be addressed in a hospital, many individuals go to the emergency room when an urgent care clinic could assist them. When you visit a traditional hospital emergency room for a non-emergency situation, you may also need to wait longer than you would at a neighborhood health clinic.

While much depends on the specific hospital and presenting issue, hospital emergency room wait times can create undue stress. From 2003-to-2009, for example, emergency room wait times increased from 46.5 minutes to 58.1 minutes.

If you have an elderly family member that is feeling depressed, suffering from memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, then having insurance for family care can assist with ensuring that they receive the proper treatment and care.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, indicate that depression is somewhat common with the elderly. The rates of depression within the elderly community tend to range from three percent to 13.5 percent.

Roughly 30 million people across the globe experience dementia, which may or may not include Alzheimer’s. It has also been found that approximately one out of every 20 adults over 65 have experienced, or continue to experience, some level of memory loss.

If you are currently searching for insurance for family care, there are a variety of family health care plans available. When you, or someone in your family, becomes suddenly ill or sustains an injury, it can bring a sense of relief to know that you will be able to access after hours urgent care.

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