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Obesity has become an all too common problem in the United States. People are classified as obese when they weigh at least 20% more than they should at their height. Very often people will turn to a medical professional or some type of weight loss program that will provide help with losing weight. Most times having a doctor or program to be accountable to is a great help for individuals in sticking to a successful weight loss plan.

Statistics show that at least two out of three adults are considered obese. Research that has shown diet and exercise to be the way to lose weight is now being questioned in the cases of people who struggle with morbid obesity. While it is a fact that diet and exercise do work on some numbers of people, it is found to be ineffective with people who suffer from an addiction to food. In these cases, help with losing weight often has to come by more drastic methods. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing a weight loss plan, which sometimes means sticking to a low calorie, low fat diet and exercising three or four times a week. Other people, however, need to rely on a medical weight loss program to help keep them motivated and encouraged.

In severe cases where a person’s weight is causing serious or potentially serious health issues, professional help with losing weight is essential. The person should be following a safe and effective weight loss program that is medically sound and tailored to their needs. There are many weight loss centers open throughout the country that assist people with finding their way to health with the help of medical professionals.

When seeking professional help with losing weight, it is quite common for a new patient to find out, upon initial examination, that they have become diabetic as a result of obesity, or that their blood pressure or cholesterol have become too high for comfort. These medical situations must be included in their weight loss plan in order to bring their levels to a healthy place. Doctors at weight loss clinics will design a plan for the patient that will typically include behavior modifications, which are diet and exercise, possibly pre-packaged meal plans, and medications that will aid the body toward gaining better health and losing weight safely.

Although diet and exercise are not usually the only way to lose weight, they are both an important part of any weight loss program. Even for morbidly obese patients it is essential that they incorporate movement into their day, even in small doses at first, to wake up the muscles and get the blood circulating. It is recommended that the individual begin with a short walk each day and increase exercise from there as time goes on and pounds are shed. Exercise boosts the metabolism and, of course, aids in losing pounds.

Diet is monitored by medical professionals at a weight loss clinic according to what the patient needs. It is essential that the individual receives the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients every day, and has a healthy, balanced meal plan. If any medication is necessary as a result of possible medical issues that have arisen, those are incorporated into the patient’s day and monitored as well.

Pre-packaged meal replacement plans are widely used also, but must be medically supervised. This program involves several phases, beginning with a kind of meal replacement plan during the introductory phase that will help the patient to lose the initial weight. The plan is custom made to fit the needs of the patient. As the program moves forward, individuals are trained to prepare foods and meals for their own health and weight loss benefit. Weight loss counseling is available, as well, in addition to suggested exercise programs.

In any weight loss program, it is important for the patient to receive the information and training that will help them to maintain their goal weight once the program is done. Everyone has always heard the warnings about gaining all the weight back; however, if individuals embark on a good weight loss plan with professional guidance, they will also receive an education that will enable them to continue their healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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