Three Beauty Treatments That Offer Permanent Results

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Everyone is — understandably — self-conscious about the appearances of their faces. Our faces are literally the first things that most people notice about us, and women in particularly factor their faces into their self images in major ways. A lot of women uses makeup to improve the appearances of their faces — with the average woman spending $144 a year on beauty, and the beauty industry being worth $400 billion globally. In fact, 82% of women believe that wearing makeup helps them feel more confident, and 86% of women say that wearing makeup improves their self image. Of course, some women find that they want more long-term fixes than makeup. Makeup is something you have to apply every day — this can be tedious, and for that matter while makeup is a great tool, it doesn’t cover up or improve everything, at least not to the degree that we want. These issues extend to some more intensive beauty treatments — waxing facial hair, for example, is painful, expensive, and doesn’t last as long as a lot of us want. This is why lots of women choose laser hair treatments. Below, we’ll look at some more long-term — sometimes even permanent — beauty treatments that can help women look and feel better.

1. Facial Spider Vein Treatments

Facial spider vein treatments aren’t widely known about by a lot of people — but they’re growing in demand as women want to get rid of their facial spider veins once and for all. Spider veins are the large, noticeable veins that can be found throughout the body, but certainly are noticeable when they appear on the face. They’re actually red blood vessels, and they often show up in the form of red marks. Facial spider vein treatments are often laser treatments, and they can permanently get rid of the marks that women and men alike hate to have. Specifically, facial spider vein treatments target the marks that people want remove, without damaging other parts of the face. It’s minimally invasive; while the treated area may be red or swollen immediately after treatment, requiring some ice to lower the swelling, patients can typically go back to work the next day. Spider veins will usually disappear over the course of four weeks and one to three sessions. While laser treatments are always an investment to some degree, it’s easier and cheaper — not to mention more effective — to rid your face of spider veins through laser treatments, rather than covering them up with makeup.

2. Acne Medication

Acne affects millions of people; in fact, 85% of people have acne at some point in their lives. While acne is heavily associated with the teenage years, adults are often tormented by acne — and while some acne can be treated with less serious spot treatments that can be found in beauty supply stores, others require medical skin care products. For that matter, 40% of people have not only severe acne but acne scarring that needs to be treated by a dermatologist. A lot of people need medication that requires a prescription. By no means should you attempt to get acne medication without a prescription, as it can have side effects and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you buy acne medication that doesn’t come from a dermatologist, you could be exposing your skin to harmful chemicals.

3. Microdermabrasion For Sun Spots

Microdermabrasion sounds like an intense treatment in theory — it does involve “sanding” of a layer of skin to a degree. Essentially, what these treatment does is take away dead skin. This in turn will remove sun spots, and create a clearer appearance for your skin. It’s considered one of the most effective treatments for sun spots and other types of pigmentation, is minimally invasive, and often offers permanent results.

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