Three Helpful Benefits of Urgent Care

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Did you know that urgent care visits are predicted to increase by over 85% within the next year? Urgent care centers provide immediate care to patients whose medical conditions are not serious enough to warrant ER visits. In fact, 35% of emergency room visits can actually be handled more quickly and affordably at urgent care facilities. As a result, urgent care is beneficial for several reasons.

1. Treatment of countless conditions. An urgent care room seattle is designed to offer treatment for minor medical conditions, including colds, sinus infections, strep throat, respiratory illnesses, asthma, cuts, burns, ear infections, and rashes. In addition, many urgent care facilities also prescribe pain medications and antibiotics to patients before they even leave the center. As a result, your condition will be treated in the most efficient and effective way possible.

2. Low cost. Compared to the emergency room, an urgent care room Seattle is considerably less expensive to visit. On average, an urgent care visit is 40 to 50% less expensive than an emergency room visit. In fact, 20% of visits to the emergency room can be treated at urgent care centers, and this could save patients nearly 4.4 billion dollars in annual health-care costs.

3. Shorter wait times. Urgent care centers have much shorter wait times than emergency rooms. Nearly 70% of urgent care facilities have wait times of 20 minutes or less, and 80% of all visits are completed in 60 minutes or less. As a result, patients are able to enjoy the convenience of receiving immediate medical care.

Although emergency rooms see approximately 110 million patients each year, urgent care facilities are viable treatment centers. Not only are urgent care facilities low-cost and prompt, but they also treat a wide variety of minor medical conditions, as well. As a result, urgent care is often the better option for many patients who need immediate care. More.

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