What is Hands Free Ultrasound Therapy?

In our world, there are many, many people who suffer from pain on a daily basis. In fact, sufferers of chronic pain total more than 1.5 billion individuals. Many of these people experience nerve pain.

What if there were a way to alleviate this suffering for these individuals? That would be wonderful! And it would be even more wonderful if relief from pain could be achieved without the use of dangerous opioid drugs. But how could this ever be achieved?

Neurology, the area of medicine which deals with the nervous system and nerves, has long been looking for a way to treat nerve pain. One area of treatment has been used since the 1940s and has given patients some relief from pain. This course of treatment is called ultrasound therapy.

Bur what is ultrasound therapy? Very briefly, ultrasound waves are beyond the range of human hearing. When applied to damaged nerves, the patient experiences relief.

There is a difference between traditional ultrasound treatments and a more modern form of ultrasound therapy called hands free ultrasound. Usually, a physical therapist conducts traditional ultrasound therapy on a patient.

Traditional physical therapy, while providing relief for the patient, can also be uncomfortable, time-consuming and very tiring on the physical therapist and the patient. A lot of strength is needed to be a physical therapist, administering pressure, pulling, pushing, and operating heavy medical equipment.

However, with hands free ultrasound therapy, an ultrasound instrument is attached directly to the patient. This eliminates the necessity for the physical therapist to conduct a long and tiring physical therapy session. It gives the patient much more latitude to perform independently, and may even possibly avoid visits to the therapist.

Hands free ultrasound therapy not only gives the patient more freedom to move, but also the opportunity for more immediate relief from pain. Instead of waiting for an appointment to get to the therapist, the patient can use the hands free ultrasound for treatment that is comfortable, convenient and effective.

To give some context, consider how astonishing the network of the nervous system is in the human body. Complex and interconnected, the central nervous system is made up of a total of 43 pairs of nerves. Of these different pairs, 31 are connected to the spinal cord, and the remainder are connected to the brain.

For more context, here’s a mind-boggling statistic: just think of the Milky Way, and all the stars it contains. Well, the human brain has more nerve cells that that! Trying to locate and alleviate pain in a system this vast could be daunting, to say the least; like finding a needle in a haystack.

And yet, medical science has made much progress, especially in the field of finding relief from pain. Hand free ultrasound is just one more fantastic step in the right direction to help individuals with chronic pain find the relief they so desperately seek.

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