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Eat that Apple a Day, But Know Your Doctor’s Number Just in Case

Staying healthy and fit is an important aspect of comfortable daily living. Those who put in the work and effort to exercise and eat healthy generally experience a higher quality of life from day to day. But even the fittest

4 More Losses that Come With Loss of Sleep

Being able to sleep through the night is so incredibly important to our well being. If you’ve ever had insomnia due to pregnancy, newborn or a sleep disorder then you understand why a full night’s sleep should not be taken

3 Interesting Facts About Insurance Coverage in America’s History

Americans are a scattered society. While the media may play up the over zealous roles of helicopter parents and the newest term “stealthy” parents, the reality is no matter how much over the top mentoring parents do today, the situation

8 Symptoms of Low Testosterone

As we age, things change in our bodies, naturally. We can become depleted in certain nutrients, hormones and other areas. It can be worrying and we begin to wonder things like ‘what are the symptoms of low testosterone?’ If are

How to Avoid Getting Heart Disease When You’re Older

A heart rhythm disorder, which is also known as arrhythmia happens when the heart’s system malfunctions. This results in the normal heart beat being affected. The heart can either start beating too fast, too slow, at irregular intervals or sometimes

4 Ways to Change Up Your Lifestyle and Lose Weight

Did you know that only about 20% of adults today actually meet the Center for Disease Control?s Physical Activity Guidelines? It?s no surprise that many people are struggling, whether it?s with their weight or just overall wanting a more in