Dealing With Back Pain and Joint Pain

Back pain leads many adults around the world to cry out “my aching back”. A person may have some
back pain when lifting a leg to put on socks or have future back problems after an injury. Back pain occurs in high percentages of the adult population, driving people to find the best back pain relief.

Additionally, once back pain occurs with or without joint pain, it is common that the reoccurrence of back pain over the rest of one’s lifetime can be as high as above 80%. Finding the best back pain relief for specific causes of the pain is crucial in avoiding future back problems. Many back pain issues result in a future lower back problem as well.

One type of doctor does not suit all back pain problems. The causes of the pain vary and, because of this, it is best to find medical assistance that treats specific causes of back pain. While over-the-counter back pain remedies promise relief, they are best only temporary. Back pain should be taken seriously since one of the causes could have to do with spinal or spinal nerve damage.

Many people around the world have to deal with chronic pain of one kind or another, based on spinal disorders or back pain, and such pain can come from strained muscles or compressed vertebrae or any number of other causes, such as inflamed joints. These issues often call for rehabilitation with a medical professional, and it is often a sports injury, arthritis, old age, or years of physical labor that have caused a person to develop back pain disorders and joint pain. Back pain can be dealt with when a chiropractor is hired, and a chiropractor, a yoga expert, a physical therapist, and others can be enlisted to help a patient deal with their back issues and get spinal disorder treatment and more. If and adult American today is going through chronic pain, they can simply reach out to the professionals, like a chiropractor, and get relief to restore movement and ease of mind.

Why Pain?

Nearly 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain, and often, this is a result of physical trauma, years of wearing out the body with manual labor, or simple old age. In the United States, in particular, statistics can show just how often people get pain and why. For one thing, 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year, and experts have estimated that a massive 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It may not be a surprise to hear that back pain is the second most common reason people visit the doctor’s office, right behind upper respiratory issues, and nearly 31 million Americans are experiencing lower-back pain at any given time. Back pain seems to be slightly more common in women, with one in three adult women experiencing it, and one in four adult men are suffering back pain as well.

Why is there all this pain? As mentioned above, it is often hard labor that can cause such pain, such as those with demanding jobs like construction crews, loggers, miners, and others, and sports such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and more put a lot of stress on the body and may sometimes cause joint, muscle, or back issues that require therapy, such as visiting a chiropractor. What is more, a 2017 Statista survey found that 29% of American adults who suffer back problems attributed this problem to stress, and 26% believed tat weak muscles or a lack of exercise caused their back problems. Another 26%, meanwhile, cited physical labor as the cause. Many of those respondents may have been employees in sectors such as construction. What can be done about this?

Finding Relief

A person suffering back pain does not have to just put up with it. This is a very common issue, as the statistics show, which means that relief is also easy to find. Many physical therapists of all kinds, from a chiropractor to a yoga expert can be found, consulted, and hired to begin therapy for back issues, joint pain, and more. If the problem is definitely the bones, such as the spine, a person suffering back pain may want to visit a chiropractor for relief, and look up local clinics online such as “chiropractor office Los Angeles CA” or “Chiropractors Houston TX.” A survey of adult Americans showed popularity for this idea, with 81% of respondents saying that chiropractic practices could help a great deal or at least somewhat with neck or back pain.

Back pain and muscle pain can also be addressed with a yoga expert, and these professionals are well-versed in how the human body can bend and stretch for results. Attending a yoga class or even a private series of sessions can help a client relieve stress on their bones, joints, or muscles, and help loosen up their body and relieve the pain at the yoga expert’s guidance. This is a non-invasive and often relaxing way to deal with pain, and it may not even require medication if the client does not want it. Yoga offices can be found after consulting one’s doctor or searching online to find local studios. Those who have spine issues or suffered a recent injury may want to do this right away.

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