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Three Beauty Treatments That Offer Permanent Results

Everyone is — understandably — self-conscious about the appearances of their faces. Our faces are literally the first things that most people notice about us, and women in particularly factor their faces into their self images in major ways. A

Why You Should Check Out Your Local Walk In Clinic

A medical walk in clinic offers above all else, convenience. These types of clinics are often located in big retail centers, some supermarkets, and drug stores, providing you access to medical care in places that you already frequent. Though a

I’ve Come Down With The Flu Should I Visit An Urgent Care Center?

You know the function of visiting your regular doctor. You also know to turn to emergency services when you’re unable to wait for treatment. What about when you need medication, a vaccination or a check-up in a short amount of

Urgent Medical Care for the Busy Parent

If you are a working parent with school age children, it is likely that time is a rare resource in your home. It probably feels like you are constantly coming and going from sun up to sun down. You have

Are You Planning to Age in Place? Learn More About Creating a Safer Home Environment

A recent study showed that there are roughly 53 million people in the United States that live with some type of disability. Limited mobility is considered to be the most common issue associated with these disabilities. Due to experiencing limited

Life is Dangerous, Take Care of Yourself

The world can be a scary place. While the news is determined to scare us on a daily basis, we have to fight through terrifying statistics about illnesses, diseases, and the costs of fixing them. Depending on your ailment, you

Three Advantages of Urgent Care Facilities

It seems more certain every day that urgent care centers are popping up all over the place. Some insurance companies are even giving their clients special insurance cards to be used at an urgent care facility if they are away