Hair Transplants Cost and Possibilities

Men and women experience hair loss in a deeply, almost emotional way. Women have equated losing hair to losing a...

Proton Therapy Brings Hope to Advanced Cancer Patients

Cancer research has led to breakthroughs in how we can treat cancer and hopefully one day eradicate it. Advanced cancer...

Not Everyone Thinks That Christmas Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is the time of the year when everyone wants to be happy and content and be able to spend...

Five Professions at Risk of Job Burnout

Are you at risk of job burnout? While anyone with a job can experience burnout symptoms, there are a few...

Eyebrow Tinting The Surprising Cosmetic Benefits

Up to 92% of Americans agree that a medical massage from a spa service helps to reduce pain. However, spas...

Erectile Dysfunction Is Thought To Blame For One Out Of Every Five Marriages Here’s Why

When erectile dysfunction starts to take control of your life, it's understandable to become desperate for solutions. No amount of...

Ensuring That Every Person Gets Their Needed Exercise

What separates every fitness studio from the next? Are you sick of entering the old fitness studio you once loved,...

Road Tripping this Holiday Season? Keep These Safe Driving Tips in Mind

There tends to be an increase in emergency room visits during the holiday season. There are many causes of these...

Your Injury Is Painful, But Not Life-Threatening Should You Go To The ER Or Urgent Care Center?

You're cooking dinner for your family and you're sure the night is going well. Out of nowhere you cut yourself...

5 Bizarre Plastic Surgery Procedures You Probably Don’t Know About

You may have heard of people undergoing a nose job procedure (rhinoplasty), getting breast lifts, or even a tummy tuck....

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